Frequently asked Questions

How much baggage can I take?

Each traveler can transport for free up to 15 Kgs. Of luggage that must go in the area of the vehicle’s hold.
In the cabin next to the passenger, each traveler can carry small hand luggage, with prior authorization from the driver. It must be taken into account that it is not allowed to travel with annoying or dangerous materials or objects (for example, material that is flammable, toxic, corrosive, infectious or radioactive, among others), as well as objects that have an excessive volume or weight or inadequate. If you want to transport objects such as bicycles, surfboards or skis, we recommend you check the conditions of the bus beforehand, to ensure the viability of the transport and how they should be placed. Finally, we remind you that a minibus has a smaller storage space and trunk, which will require that the size and weight of each traveler’s luggage have to be smaller.

Are the vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes. The Welcome Bus Canarias vehicles are adapted with access ramps for the disabled, as well as a low floor system and a lift platform.
Obviously, our drivers are trained in the handling and use of these ramps, as well as in the attention of users who have difficulties in their mobility, so that the travelers are the best adapted for any route of Gran Canaria or Tenerife.

Are the vehicles approved for children under 3 years?

To travel with children under 3 years of age, the Law requires you to use the retention devices, approved and adapted to your size and weight.
This device must be provided by the traveler responsible for the child. The baby carts must be properly folded in the luggage compartment of the bus.

Can I travel with my pet?

Yes, you can travel with your pet, taking into account the legal regulations in force:

  • It only allows the transport of guide dogs inside the bus with the passengers.
  • Both dogs and cats and other pets, must travel in the luggage holds, inside their carrier or in special baskets, which must provide the traveler and must be fully adapted for this use.
  • Pets are the responsibility of the owners throughout the journey.
  • They must be presented to the bus well in advance to place their pet in their carrier or baskets according to the driver’s instructions.
  • In this way, pets are required to be in good physical, hygienic and emotional conditions to travel.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

If you wish to make a stop during the booked trip, please speak with our driver to be able to assess the waiting time and conditions.

Contact with our driver at the point of departure

A driver of Canary Taxi Bus will wait for you in advance at the time of your arrival at the airport.

Since the reservation is confirmed our staff will begin a fluid contact with you to manage all the details of your transfers in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Our goal is that you enjoy your stay in the Canary Islands to the fullest and that is why we put at your service all our years of experience in the field of transfers with our fleet of vehicles. Taxi, minivan, minibus and bus.

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